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DC Health Link Broker Certification Course (2020-2021)

Brokers that hold a DC resident or non-resident health insurance producer license in good standing, and who wish to become a Broker registered to sell on DC Health Link are required to fulfill requirements upheld by the DC Health Link. This training will include how to complete the requirements. The training will cover principles of broker interaction, how brokers communicate with the DC Health Link, how brokers are assigned to be a part of it, basics of ACA – market reforms that are the most significant, marketplaces in general, and then premium tax credits. The second focus of the training will walk brokers through where and how to submit applications, application process & timing, carrier appointments, and a final exam to confirm a broker's readiness to conduct business.

What students will learn:

  • Employer Eligibility Requirements
  • Counting Employees
  • Enrollment Process
  • Enrollment Scenarios
  • Advanced Premium Tax Credit
  • Changes in Eligibility
  • Effective Dates and Renewals
  • The District’s Individual Responsibility Requirement
  • Individual Market HRAs
  • Broker Interaction with DC Health Link
  • Broker Assignment Process
  • ACA in 2020
  • Market Reforms
  • Marketplaces
  • Premium Tax Credits
  • Plan Offerings
  • Types and Choice of Plans
  • Actuarial Value
  • Essential Health Benefits
  • Impact on HSAs

The DC Health Link Broker Policy Training is currently unavailable due to scheduled content updates. Please try again after November 1 and contact with any questions in the meantime.


Agent-broker operating outside of DC, MD and VA jurisdiction will pay $79.99 directly through the ecommerce NAHU/InReach portal at time of enrollment.

Agent broker operating inside of DC, MD and VA jurisdiction will pay $0.00.

CE Credits:

The DC Health Link Broker Certification Course (2020-2021) provides 4 CE Credits in MD and DC.


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