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NAHU Podcast final

Special Guest Discussion on Balance Billing

February 8, 2019  |  By: NAHU


NAHU is committed to working with policymakers at both the federal and state levels to address the issue of surprise and balance medical bills. As part of these efforts, the NAHU legislative council’s special balance billing workgroup convened to identify potential solutions and propose them to policymakers. On this week’s episode, Gary Cupo from NAHU’s Balance Billing workgroup and attorney John Fanburg discuss the ongoing efforts to address balance and surprise medical billing issues. They look at the current practices and policies for consumers who face surprise bills, the process of arbitration, proposals that call for requiring all providers within a practice to be in-network, tying maximum out-of-network rates to a percentage of Medicare reimbursement, and forthcoming federal legislation and state efforts to regulate the practice.

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