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Medicare Portal

NAHU is the only professional agent organization that represents agents and brokers who work with Medicare products and Medicare beneficiaries. Our strong relationships on Capitol Hill and growing influence with the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) should make NAHU your valued choice for professional development and advocacy.

NAHU has a long history of working on Medicare issues. In 2002, NAHU joined in lobbying for drug benefit and for a new program that would allow private insurance plans including a separate drug plan, to offer benefits to Medicare beneficiaries. After over a year of intense lobbying, the White House invited Janet Trautwein and John Greene to attend the bill signing of the Medicare Modernization Act. As Medicare Part D began the implementation process, NAHU was again involved from the beginning prescription drug discount cards to the current program today. NAHU was recognized during a special White House ceremony for extraordinary efforts in enrolling Medicare beneficiaries in Part D.

Regardless of the Medicare related issue, NAHU’s Medicare Advisory Group provides valuable insights into real world issues that affect Medicare beneficiaries and Medicare Producers. This group continues to advise staff and the Legislative Council on issues affecting the Medicare program and the needs of Medicare Producers. The Advisory Group draws broad expertise from its membership with its extensive knowledge of Medicare and Medicare programs as well as coordination of benefits and overlapping financing mechanisms. If you have a particular expertise and would like to get involved, contact Husni Abdelaziz at to apply.

NAHU recently successfully lobbied for restoration of the Medicare Open Enrollment Period (OEP) that allows beneficiaries to make a onetime change in their plan selection as was provided for in the Medicare Modernization Act (MMA) but changed under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). We continue to work on a host of other Medicare-related issues including the interaction of Medicare and HSAs, COBRA and Medicare Part B enrollment, Medicare compensation issues and marketing regulations, and many more.

Today, Medicare remains a complex program touching private insurance and government programs alike. We look forward to your involvement with NAHU and welcome you to the NAHU family.