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LPRT Qualification Information

Qualify by Income

To qualify by income, a certification letter signed by the applicant is required with supporting documents that verify the amount claimed, such as:

  • Commission statements
  • A statement of income signed by:
    • Representative of the company/broker-dealer/brokerage agency;
    • CPA (or equivalent); or
    • Representative of the applicant’s personal agency/corporation/office.
  • A W-2, 1099 or other income tax statement

Qualification categories

Personal Production

Business written by a single producer

Carrier Representatives

An employee of an insurance carrier working with producers


Management of a general agency or agency.

Carrier Management

Carrier/Home Office sales managers, directors of sales & vice presidents of sales

Levels of Membership


Available to members applying for the first 9 consecutive years of qualification OR for the first 14 total years.


Available to non-producing members applying and qualifying for 10+ consecutive years OR for 15+ total years; for members that are no longer in production.

Life & Qualifying

Available to members that still generate production at qualifying level and have achieved lifetime membership.

Awards Categories

Leading Producer Qualifier
President's Council
Golden Eagle
Soaring Eagle