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Classroom Certification Courses

August 30, 2017  |  By: NAHU
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NAHU provides state and local chapter with resources to host a certification course in a classroom setting. These events offer revenue opportunities, fosters member retention, provides an educational and networking opportunity, attracts new members, and works toward the NAHU Osler, Pacesetter and Landmark Chapter Awards.

This was ridiculously easy to do. Orange County AHU offered the Benefits Technology Certification and received 40 paid attendees. All of the information was sent to me days in advance. It is silly not to offer any of these classes to your chapter.

– MaryAnna Trutanich, RHU, CHRS

Working Together

NAHU does the heavy lifting for you! NAHU provides top-notch instructors who are leading experts in the industry, all course materials, CE reporting, secondary promotion of the event and complete chapter and student support services.

While NAHU provides these resources, the chapter will need to contribute efforts as well. The chapter is responsible for the primary promotion of the event, on-site CE administration and student check-in, the venue set up, any room rental and/or AV (which includes a laptop, projector, screen and lavaliere microphone), program instructor travel and hotel reimbursement (if there are less than 30 in attendance), any food or beverage expenses and easels for signage.

While preparing for Fort Worth AHU to host the Advanced Self-Funded Certification, NAHU staff was always responsive with any needs that came up prior to the class date and even the morning of when we needed something sent over! The emails that NAHU sent out regarding the upcoming class allowed not only our chapter members, but even some from surrounding states like Oklahoma and Louisiana to attend. Overall, hosting a certification at the local chapter level is made easier with the help that NAHU’s Professional Development department provides before, during, and after the event!

– Amy Perry, SGS

Generating Revenue

NAHU offers revenue sharing. If there are 50 or more attendees at the event, the chapter is eligible for a $10 per attendee revenue-sharing arrangement. Our courses are more popular than ever and, with NAHU's and your chapter's marketing efforts, we can make your event a success! 

Hosting a certification courses is a great opportunity to work with related vendors. We encourage chapter to reach out to your local vendor contacts for potential partnerships. 

Additionally, as mentioned in the above section, if there is more than 30 participants, NAHU will reimburse the chapter for the instructor's travel and hotel accommodations.

All three of these revenue opportunities make hosting a classroom event a win-win. 

Select a Course (or Two)

NAHU offers certification courses on diverse topics. With all of these options, we know that sometimes it is hard to narrow it down to just one. NAHU is capable of doing two-day events (one course on each day) or space them out by a few months. The courses that are offered in a classroom format are:

Golden Gate AHU hosted the classroom Advanced Self-Funding Certification course and could not have been more pleased with the entire process. As the professional development chair, I was responsible for the planning and execution. I worked with Dagmar to set-up the instructor, registration and payment. She was very responsive to our request and was able to get everything set-up just as we requested. Our instructor was a subject-matter expert and provided a thorough explanation of terms and concepts. The feedback we received from attendees was all positive. As a chapter, we have elected to offer a few more classroom courses. 

– Kenneth Coker

Contact Us

Contact professionaldevelopment@nahu.org or call 844-257-0990 today to schedule a certification course for your chapter.