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House of Delegates


The NAHU House of Delegates provides chapters and their members with the formal opportunity to shape the direction of their association. Exercising this right, by sending delegates to the convention, is one of a chapter's greatest responsibilities.

Each NAHU chapter is entitled to a minimum of three voting delegates. One additional voting delegate is allowed for each additional fifty (50) active members over 100 members listed on NAHU's roster on March 31, 2017. State chapters are eligible to send up to a maximum of eight (8) delegates to the House of Delegates. Local chapters have no such maximum.

Chapters may designate an alternate for each one of its delegates. An alternate may replace a delegate unable to fulfill his/her voting duty.

2018 Delegate Appointment Information

Who Can Be a Delegate?

Delegate Appointment Form 2018

Delegate Numbers by Chapter

NAHU Board of Trustees Delegates (not eligible to be chapter delegates)

NAHU Past President Delegates (not eligible to be chapter delegates)

Based on NAHU's March 2018 Monthly Membership Report

  • Membership of 1-149 = 3 Delegates
  • Membership of 150-199 = 4 Delegates
  • Membership of 200-249 = 5 Delegates
  • Membership of 250-299 = 6 Delegates
  • Membership of 300-349 = 7 Delegates
  • Membership of 350-399 = 8 Delegates
  • Membership of 400-449 = 9 Delegates
  • Membership of 450-499 = 10 Delegates
  • Membership of 500-549 = 11 Delegates
  • Membership of 550-599 = 12 Delegates

State chapters are limited to a maximum of eight (8) delegates.

 The deadline for delegate appointments is Friday, May 25, 2018.

 Note: Delegate appointment is a separate process from convention registration. You must complete a convention registration form, and pay all applicable fees, to register for convention.

 2018 House of Delegates Information

HOD Handbook - TBP

Voting and Election Process for the House of Delegates

Credentialing Process for Appointed and Alternative Delegates

Delegate credentialing hours at NAHU's Annual Convention: To be posted

 2018 - 2019 NAHU Board of Trustees Candidates
President – Russell (Rusty) Rice
President Elect – Patricia A. Griffey
Vice President – R. Dane Rianhard
Treasurer – Eugene Starks 
Secretary – Kelly D. Fristoe
Immediate Past President – Michael A. Embry
Region II – Erica R. Hain
Region IV – Alycia Riedl
Region VI – Edward M. Oleksiak
Region VIII – Jolene Bryant, Patrick Burns

Voting for all contested races will occur on Monday, June 25, in the House of Delegates.

Please contact Brooke Willson with any questions.