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Designation Maintenance

Required Continuing Professional Credits (CPCs)

How does the two-year reporting period work?
RHU, REBC and ChHC designation recipients need 24 credit hours every two years. Each reporting period includes two calendar years. Credits are self reported during consecutive two-year periods. The first reporting period runs from January 1, 2017 through December 31, 2018. Beginning January 1, 2017 all prior RHU, REBC and ChHC recipients will start over for the 2017 calendar year and remain in good standing until 24 credits are reported through December 31, 2018. This will provide graduates greater flexibility in regards to earning credits. Required credits can be earned at any time during the two-year period and/or earned through a single qualifying activity. Alternatively, the credits can be earned in smaller increments at any time within the reporting period. Click here for information about the CPC designation program.

Where do I self-report my CPCs? 
NAHU’s Online Learning Institute allows direct access to an online system where professionals can create their own account login and upload their CPC information throughout the two-year period.

Is there a cost associated with maintaining my RHU, REBC and ChHC status? 
There is a bi-annual renewal fee of $85 for members of NAHU and $125 for non-members. When you have renewed, you will be given access to a NAHU’s Ethics training at no additional cost. This training will satisfy your state requirement.

Approved CPC Content

What content qualifies for CPCs? 
Continuing Professional Education content must be related to existing subject matter covered within the REBC & ChHC curriculum. See NAIC Guidelines of accepted topics.

What is considered not qualified for CPC content?
You can follow the NAIC guidelines for approved topics. Topics not eligible for credit include areas such as office, business or management skills, public speaking, sales training or other topics not directly related to the content area not under NAIC Guidelines.

What types of activities qualify for CPC credit? 
Professional credit achievements must relate to REBC & ChHC curriculum content areas and be supported by documentation which verifies participation in the activity. Activities may include any classroom or online program approved by a department of insurance or considered viable continuing education credits that could get approved by DOI and/or, provided by an educational institution overseen by a governing board.

Do qualifying activities include e-learning courses or industry conferences?
Yes, you receive one CPC credit for each 50-minute/ hour of education for these activities, provided participation is supported with appropriate documentation (i.e. CE sign in sheet or award of certificate).

Are other industry designation programs earned considered as CPC credit? 
Yes, courses taken to earn a professional designation or license that relate to the REBC & ChHC curriculum are eligible for up to 24 hours of credit upon completion of entire program and only counted for one reporting period.

If I am required to maintain credits for another designation or license, can I use those credits for the REBC & ChHC requirement? 
Absolutely! Continuing education activities completed to satisfy other requirements may also qualify for CPC credit provided they qualify as classroom or online program study approved by a department of insurance or considered viable continuing education credits approved by DOI under a current provider status and/or provided by an educational institution overseen by a governing board.

What is the difference between earning a certification and earning an industry designation?
These terms are often used interchangeably and if held to the highest industry standard, should clearly be distinct from one another. Many certification programs are created, sponsored, or affiliated with professional associations, trade organizations, or private vendors interested in raising standards. A certification is study of one topic within a discipline or field of study.

Designations traditionally require prerequisites, a higher level of rigor in study, and cover multiple topics within a discipline or field of study.

Are you required to be a member of NAHU before enrolling into the REBC program?
No, NAHU membership is not a requirement. However, members of NAHU are eligible for lower tuition, discounts towards certification programs and take advantage of a plethora of benefits that supports their continued professional success.

Can industry speakers/instructors receive credit for sessions they have presented? 
Yes, you can receive credit for presenting a topic following NAIC guidelines to an audience of licensed professionals or students. Two credits per hour of actual teaching/presenting time can be claimed for the first time the class or seminar is conducted. For subsequent offerings of the same course or session, one credit per hour of actual teaching/presenting time can be claimed. No more than 15 hours of credit can be claimed within a reporting period.