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Principles in Ethics


Course Instructors

To be determined.

About the Course

This course, instructed by NAHU CEO Janet Trautwein, will discuss misconceptions of what is the norm based on today's social consciousness. An important part of our ethical discussion is fact-finding and factors related to your client's responsibilities in the contract. This course also goes into clear examples of conflict of interest and how to identify them on your own. Prohibited practices can result in rebating, twisting, fraud and sometimes without realizing it.

This course is not the industry's traditional ethics training. Learners will become well versed in privacy rules and specifically who are required to comply. The final component of this training covers the legislative and regulatory processes that agents/brokers need to know and understand in order to give clients accurate information. 

Course Highlights

  • Better Fact Finding for Clarification
  • Ethics, Morals and Values
  • Understanding Regulatory Processes
  • Giving Clients Accurate Information
  • Nature of Learning
  • Civics for Agents and Brokers: Ethical Obligation to Your Industry

Online Cost

The cost of the Principles in Ethics course is $179 for members and $279 for non-members (refund policy), which includes three hours of online instruction, a final exam and continuing education credits (status by state and rules).

Classroom Cost

Online Format

Course instruction will be delivered through NAHU's Online Learning Institute.


Classroom Format

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