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NAHU Ethics in Business


Course Instructors

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About the Course

Ethics both individually and throughout society set the benchmark for behavior that is morally right and good. Ethics also encompasses the mission, values, and principles of a profession. A Code of Ethics is used to measure individual and organizational performance against an established benchmark.  
To address this important factor in health insurance sales, NAHU has created this course to educate professionals about ethical behavior and the inherent expectations for ethical behavior in their roles in their relationships with their clients and business resources. This course also includes a discussion of the potential ethical concerns created by the Affordable Care Act and the world of advancing technologies. Additionally, this course will satisfy most state requirements. 

Course Highlights

  • The definition of ethics
  • The factors that influence ethical behavior
  • The three different types of rights and how each is justified and enforced
  • The difference between moral obligations and role-specific moral obligations
  • The characteristics of a profession 
  • The role-specific obligations of managed care organizations, medical care providers, insurance professionals, and insureds as both clients and patients
  • The potential ethics concerns created by the Affordable Care Act
  • The ethical concerns associated with advancing technologies
  • What constitutes a Code of Ethics and why we have them

Online Cost

The cost of the Ethics in Business course is $179 for members and $279 for non-members (refund policy), which includes online instruction in 3 webinar modules, a final exam and continuing education credits (status by state and rules).

Classroom Cost

Online Format

Course instruction will be delivered through NAHU's Online Learning Institute.



REBC® Designation Requirement

The NAHU Ethics in Business course is a requirement of the Registered Employee Benefits Consultant® designation. Earning the REBC designation elevates your credibility as a professional and prepares you to best serve your clients. By completing the NAHU Ethics in Business course you will be one step closer to obtaining the designation. Click here to access more information about the REBC designation, including the learning objectives and curriculum.

Classroom Format

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