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Benefits Account Manager Certification (Third Edition 2019 Coming Soon)


About the Certification

The role of account manager became increasingly important since the passage of the ACA. It is the account manager who keeps the processes moving forward through the service provided to clients. Account managers have taken on many more of the duties that were traditionally reserved for producers and are critical in compliance efforts. The new NAHU training ensures professional success for the account manager and gives peace of mind to the producer that clients will be taken care of professionally and skillfully. 

The purpose of the Benefits Account Manager Certification course is to provide account management professionals with an understanding of the complex and critical role an account manager plays in the health and benefits arena. The training will provide instruction to ensure that students understand the key technical components of benefit plans and are better prepared to counsel their clients on the various products as well as key guidance to assist them in client compliance. 

Delivery will consist of online lectures paired with written versions of the curriculum that covers definitions and includes quiz exercises to ensure comprehension. Each module will consist of an hour of detailed information covering a variety of compliance issues, multiple-market disciplines and the general primary functions of an account manager when supporting the producing agent/consultant in handling and processing new and renewal business as well as ongoing service.

Course Highlights

  • Role of the Account Manager (new)
  • Account Manger Request for Proposal (new)
  • ACA Then and Now
  • ACA and Its Impact on Health Insurance Policies
  • ACA ad Its Impact on Health Insurance Markets
  • Employer Mandate
  • Introduction to Self Funding
  • Civics for the Account Manager and Broker

Have Questions?

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