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Advanced Benefit Account Manager Certification (First Edition Coming Soon)


About the Certification

The curriculum content for this course is developed by contributors and instructors having played a critical part in the development of the Benefit Account Manager certification course. NAHU’s lead instructors deliver their knowledge online in a meaningful way that explains principles from a practitioner’s view. The purpose of this advanced level of benefit account management training is to provide seasoned professionals with a deeper understanding of the complex role they play while achieving a higher level of confidence in supporting clients while conveying the value of benefits using creative consultation, regardless the size of the group. Account managers employers expect them to serve as the primary relationship owner for an assigned group of top tier client accounts with demonstrating ownership for retention and growth. With the completion of this course account managers will ensure clients derive maximum value from their services, prepare implementation plans and lead client onboarding, present content strategy, and play an integral part of their client’s annual plan. Delivery will consist of online lectures paired with written versions of the curriculum that covers, definitions, and includes quiz exercises to ensure comprehension. 

Course Highlights

  • Review of the Benefit Account Manager course
  • Working with clients
  • Working with carriers
  • Human Resources & Benefits Administration
  • Taxation & Benefit Programs
  • Cafeteria
  • Claims and Cost of Care
  • Technology

Have Questions?

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