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Certification Courses

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Benefits Technology Certification

Online  |  Classroom

The three-hour Benefits Technology Certification program will give you essential understanding of the various types of products and services available, how to assist your client with the discovery process about their known and unknown needs, helpful guidance on how to avoid the pitfalls associated with implementation and how to discuss associated costs.


Consumer Directed Health Care Certification

Online  |  Classroom

This four-hour course provides technical, actionable information that can be used to help clients consider fast-evolving plans and implement them.


HIPAA Certification


This three-hour course instruction will thoroughly explain the HIPAA laws in a multi-media format. Host David C. Smith, a nationally recognized HIPAA and benefits expert, will take you on a video tour of a typical agency and discuss the requirements as they apply to each position in an agency.

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Individual Health Insurance Certification


Employer funding of health insurance has declined significantly over the past 30 years which places more responsibility on the individual to provide his or her own financial protection. NAHU created this four-hour course for professionals to better assist their clients in working towards an immediate goal of becoming protected against insurer insolvency.

NAHU Medicare Logo

Medicare Certification


This course is an intermediate introduction with a retrospective of the Medicare program’s long and varied history since its introduction in 1965, aimed at helping you better understand the complexities of the senior health market and the details of the various Medicare-related products that are now available.


PPACA Certification

Online  |  Classroom

Developed by experts in both PPACA and employment law, this high-level 10 module course will ensure that students understand the key technical components of PPACA and are better prepared to counsel their clients on upcoming required healthcare changes and new options and requirements for health plans.

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Self-Funded Certification

Online  |  Classroom

Developed by experts in the market space, this three-hour course instruction will ensure that students understand the key technical components of self-funding and are better prepared to counsel their clients on the various benefits of elimination of most premium tax, lowering cost of administration, claims/administration and customer service for employees.

NAHU Advanced Self Funded Logo

Advanced Self-Funded Certification

Online  |  Classroom

This five-hour course will begin with paying distinct attention to regulatory concerns, service-model options, cost-containment strategies and underwriting. Class participants will walk through unique issues that self-funded plans must face due to mergers and acquisitions followed by a concentration of study covering the integration of next-generation elements in plan design, transparency tools, quality-based models, cost-sharing and control, tool integration and incentives, and payment controls.

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Voluntary/Worksite Certification

Online  |  Classroom

This three-hour course will ensure a strong technical knowledge of the rules and regulations pertaining to various types of voluntary/worksite products and proven methods for communicating those options to employers and employees in a compelling way.

NAHU Wellness Logo

Wellness Certification

Online  |  Classroom

This three-hour course helps clients to address controllable behaviors and guidance on plan implementation.