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Board of Trustees

Eric Kohlsdorf

Eric Kohlsdorf


Eric Kohlsdorf has over 30 years in the insurance industry and currently owns a successful independent consulting firm in Des Moines, IA, since 2007. He partners with employers of all sizes and funding arrangements to accomplish the goals established for their employee benefit program. 

He joined NAHU in 1992 and has held leadership positions at the local, state and national levels. Additionally, Eric has done extensive work on the legislative front in Iowa and Washington D.C. Iowa Governors, Terry Branstad and Kim Reynolds, have appointed Eric to the CHIP Board, where he was unanimously confirmed by the Iowa Senate and is currently the chairperson of that board. 

His belief in volunteering and giving back to this industry and membership in NAHU has blessed him professionally and been an integral part of his success. 

Eric can be contacted at or 515-244-3691.