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NAHU and Stop the HIT's Efforts to Combat the Premium Tax

November 16, 2018  |  By: NAHU
Election 2018


NAHU and the Stop the HIT coalition have been working to advance bipartisan legislation through Congress to repeal the ACA’s health insurance premium tax, or for further delay. On this week’s podcast, Elena Tompkins from the Stop the HIT joins NAHU’s John Greene and Chris Hartmann to discuss the outlook for passing this legislation in the Lame Duck session and in the new Congress that will be seated in January. They discuss their ongoing efforts to inform legislators and the work that is underway to educate the nearly 100 new members of Congress on the importance of repealing this onerous tax, as well as how they are identifying new legislative champions as several of our key supports leave Congress. They also relate why it may be more difficult to advance a full repeal in the new Congress and why they are working diligently to advance legislation in the coming weeks before the current session is gavelled to a close.

This episode is sponsored by Benezon.

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