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If you are looking for a new way to complete your annual Medicare Advantage training, NAHU should be your first stop. Created by agents for agents, the NAHU certification program meets all CMS requirements. Plus, our training program provides free CE and bonus material that will give you new and important information to assist you in helping your clients throughout the year. The special bonus of 12 months of up-to-the-minute monthly programming will enhance your credibility and expertise. All of these added benefits come at a standard cost of $100.

Benefits of Choosing NAHU’s Certification Training:

  • Course was written by agents for agents.
  • New for 2022! 12 months of cutting-edge Medicare-related programming at no additional cost.
  • Designed not just to check the training box but to provide real value to you in your business every day.
  • Standard cost is $100
  • Convenience of a private online library accessible 24/7 with easy navigation
  • Mobile-friendly technology
  • Live Student Services Help Desk at (844) 257-0990 or
  • Free CE credits
  • Certification logo to market your accomplishment
  • Bonus material provided to those who complete the certification
  • Increased professional credibility as a result of the additional resources.
  • Opportunity to be part of a Medicare community advocating for agents/brokers

The plan year 2022 course is now available through NAHU's Benefit Specialist Online Learning Institute

Purchase Certification

Please check your state’s CE approval status and rules prior to purchasing the course.

Carriers Accepting Certification

What Agents are Saying About the NAHU Medicare Certification

The NAHU Medicare Certification was very informative, contained excellent reference materials and absolutely loved the graphic that I can use after completing the course! I have already promoted how well written I thought this was to my downline and across social media platforms. Assuming all major carriers will have it next year, THIS will be the certification I promote. VERY nice job!

-Amanda Brewton

User Guide

Click here to access the NAHU Medicare Advantage Certification Training User Guide. The user guide outlines how to create an account, purchase and access the training, and take the final exam in the Online Learning Institute.

Video Tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to read our FAQs on the NAHU Medicare Advantage Certification Training. 


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