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Vision Speak

You'll want to attend Sunday's Vision Speak session featuring prominent professionals presenting brief and thought-provoking topics in rapid-fire succession. This engaging session will include conversations about fortitude, including lessons learned behind barbed wire and enemy lines.

Vision Speak is being presented on Sunday, June 24, from 1:30-3:30 p.m.

Expect to Hear...

Being the Light

Presented by Annette Bechtold, Senior Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and Reform Initiatives at OneDigital

When faced with adversity, the fog and darkness can be overwhelming. Why do some struggle and others appear to glide through unscathed? It’s because those who understand know it’s not about just getting through it – it’s about accepting, embracing, and digging down to tap into your unique strength-source that lights your way and propels you forward. How bright is your light?

Lessons Learned Behind Barbed Wire

Presented by SuEllen Fried, American Bullying Prevention Activist, Writer and Educator

Thirty-five years ago, a man with a Life Sentence in the Kansas State Penitentiary, decided to create a course for prisoners that could satisfy their hunger to change the roots of violence in their lives. He developed a curriculum with units on child, spouse, sexual and substance abuse, anger management, addiction,and other topics. This workshop will describe how and why this self-help program has worked so effectively for thousands of incarcerated men and women and benefited society. The session will include astonishing recidivism data, cost savings, powerful personal success stories.

The current criminal justice system in our country is not working. Fifty to sixty-seven percent of all prisoners who are released, return to prison. Citizens can play an important role in this social issue. Initiating productive discussions within their spheres of influence, becoming aware of policies that have an impact, and learning about Volunteer opportunities are three specific outcomes.

Leadership, Change & Fortitude

Presented by James C. Hunter, Author and Inspirational Speaker

Effective leaders strive for continuous improvement! The catch is we cannot improve unless we change. Jim will discuss personal change and the fortitude required in becoming a leader of character and excellence.

Forged by the Fire

Presented by Master Sergeant Cedric King, Motivational Speaker

Master Sergeant King is thankful for his trials in life. He views them as almost a diploma to the curriculum he was undertaking. He views tough times as a way to let me know that he have been favored and chosen to undergo intense training. Resilience may be by definition; the ability to recover from extreme hardship, but he sees it as the ability to be broken and not recover but to transform into a new and better creature.

Fertility, Feminism, Fear & Forgiveness

Presented by Karen Kirkpatrick, Owner of On Your Mark Consulting

What drives each of us to push beyond our limits? Whose definitions do you live by? What is fear and how do you overcome? Can you thrive without forgiveness? We only see the results of someone’s life and not always the journey. Join mine.

A Glimpse into Healthcare Delivery's Future

Presented by Samir Qamar, MD, CEO of MedLion and MedWand

MedLion and MedWand CEO Dr. Samir Qamar will discuss how new technology is changing the way employees and consumers access healthcare. The presentation will include a live demonstration, review reception by employers, and touch on how brokers can benefit from upcoming changes.

Living Out Loud

Presented by Ryan Paul Liabenow, Founder and Managing Principal of Healthclarity

My silent desperation allowed others to define me. How I defied and destroyed the stigma of addiction and mental illness in my life and help others do the same.

The Blessings of Cancer?  Yes!

Presented by "Patient Lee" Tomlinson, Founder & Chief Inspirer of the C.A.R.E. Effect Movement

Lee Tomlinson is an addict. To adrenalin-filled adventure. That addiction resulted in an amazing, thrilling, and exciting life. Unfortunately, it also led to a never ending series of life-threatening accidents, injuries, and illnesses around the world. But it was his recent, brutal, near fatal battle with advanced cancer that changed his life forever — for the better.

Speaker Biographies

Annette Bechtold, Senior Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and Reform Initiatives at OneDigital

Annette Bechtold is the senior vice president of regulatory affairs and reform initiatives at OneDigital. She is responsible for healthcare reform initiatives and strategic development and advises, educates and supports OneDigital’s overall corporate tactics and client support issues. She joined OneDigital in 2005 as vice president of operations and was later promoted to senior vice president of operations and strategic development before taking on her current role.

Prior to joining OneDigital, Annette has held other sales, operations management, and executive positions with Member Insurance Agency in Illinois and Georgia and John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance in Illinois. She was named "Employee Benefit Adviser of the Year" by Employee Benefit Adviser magazine in 2010.

SuEllen Fried, American Bullying Prevention Activist, Writer and Educator

In her professional life, SuEllen Fried, worked as Dance/Movement Therapist in psychiatric hospital for twenty years. She also-co-authored three books on the topic of bullying prevention and intervention: "Bullies and Victims," "Bullies, Targets & Witnesses," and "Banishing Bullying Behavior." She has worked with over 75,000 students, parents and administrators in 37 states over the past 25 years. In her volunteer life, she has been involved with Reaching Out From Within -- a self-help program for incarcerated men and women for 35 years. Fried is past-president of Prevent Child Abuse America and continues to serve as a Life Board member. She was President Georg H. Bush's 900th Point of Light, one of L'Oreal Paris Ten Women of Worth in 2015, has appeared on the TODAY Show, CBS Evening News, and Sunday Morning with Charles Kuralt.

James C. Hunter, Author and Inspirational Speaker

James C. Hunter, world-renowned author and inspirational speaker. Jim is the author of three best-selling books, The Culture: Creating Excellence With Those You Lead, The Servant: A Simple Story About the True Essence of Leadership and The World's Most Powerful Leadership Principle: How to Become a Servant Leader. 

Jim speaks to audiences around the world on leadership and developing high-performing teams. He also assists organizations in creating a culture of excellence by growing leaders and building community. 

His clients include the FBI, American Express, Johnson & Johnson, Marriott, Nestlé, Procter & Gamble, the Defense Intelligence Agency and all four branches of the United States Military.

Master Sergeant Cedric King

Master Sergeant Cedric King entered the United States Army in 1995. During a career that took him from an infantry private to a position of leadership in the elite Rangers, King graduated from a number of distinguished Army schools. These included the United States Army Jumpmaster Course, United States Army Pathfinder course, Air Assault course, The United States Army Ranger Course, and others. He is the recipient of the Bronze Star, the Purple Heart, the
Meritorious Service Medal, and is a four-time Best Ranger Competition competitor.

On July 25, 2012, during his second tour in Afghanistan, King was severely injured by an improvised explosive device. The blast caused major internal injuries, permanent loss to part of his right arm and hand, and the amputation of both legs. He applied the same determined, can-do mindset to his recovery that he had relied on to succeed as an elite Army Ranger. With the love and support of his wife Khieda and daughters Amari and Khayma, he began rebuilding
his life.

Just 21 months after losing both legs, King completed the Boston Marathon, running on prosthetic blades. He has gone on to compete in a number of physically daunting events, including a 70.3 mile half Ironman Triathlon, the 2014 New York City Marathon, and the 48.6 mile Disney Marathon series. There, he successfully completed four runs in four days -- a 5k, 10k, half marathon, and full marathon.

King has shares his inspirational story of endurance with audiences across the country, including schools, churches, the National Football League, and Fortune 500 companies. Just as he led and motivated men in combat, he now leads and motivates others to see the possibilities in their own lives.

Karen Kirkpatrick, Owner of On Your Mark Consulting

As owner of On Your Mark Consulting, Karen continues a long career of working with insurance brokers, CPAs, TPAs and employers helping them to understand complex regulations and create action items. Previously, she worked at Infinisource for 18 years where she gained a national reputation for being one of the foremost experts on HR compliance, payroll, COBRA, HIPAA, FMLA, consumer driven health plan options, health care reform and other benefit laws. During her career she has conducted thousands of seminars, webinars and executive briefings on numerous federal insurance laws, human resource compliance, consumer driven health care and health care reform. She has written or contributed to several publications, including ABS (formerly HIU), the magazine of the National Association of Health Underwriters, ALA (Association of Legal Administrators), Thompson Publications and the National Health Information’s Consumer Driven Health Care. She speaks at national and regional conferences including NAHU, ALA, ACCA and SHRM events on both benefit and employment related compliance topics; as well as webinars for agencies and organizations nationwide.

Ryan Paul Liabenow, Founder and Managing Principal of Healthclarity

Ryan Paul is the founder and managing principal of Healthclarity, a consulting firm that specializes in helping hospital, health system and independent pharmacies redesign the Rx supply chain. Through the HealthclarityRx branded pharmacy program they deploy resources that return pharmacy benefit administration and pharmacy network control back to where it rightfully belongs, the community pharmacy.

In addition, Ryan Paul is the Chief Recovery Officer of The Ryan Paul Initative, a division of Healthclarity that provides formulary, prescribing and pharmacy management strategies for opioid, narcotic and controlled substances. Their integrated mental, behavioral and physical recovery process model identifies at-risk populations and supports treatment pathways.

The Ryan Paul Initiative is inspired by Ryan Paul’s personal story of years of failed attempts at overcoming addiction, an overdose that left him fighting for his life and his journey back. He is committed to challenging the stigma and marginalization of "the addicted,” and carrying the message that our solution is at the intersection of evidence and experience.

Samir Qamar, MD, CEO of MedLion and MedWand

A family physician by training, Dr. Samir Qamar began the first medical membership practice in Monterey, California, where he also served as the house doctor for the famed Pebble Beach Resorts. Samir is an expert in the fields of membership practices, VIP medicine, and Direct Primary Care. His pioneering work in launching MedLion, one of the first Direct Primary Care companies in the nation, has been highlighted domestically and internationally as the company continues to thrive successfully without the help of outside investors. In 2014 Samir invented the MedWand, a revolutionary medical system that takes the telemedicine industry to the next level. Samir completed his medical training at Lancaster General Hospital in Pennsylvania, one of the finest family medicine programs in the country. His visions on the future of primary care have been referenced in many national publications, including Wall Street Journal, Fox Business News, Forbes, and Time. He speaks six languages, has studied health care systems all over the world, and makes his home in Las Vegas, Nevada. Samir is an avid motorsport enthusiast, and can be found on or near a racetrack in his spare time.

"Patient Lee" Tomlinson, Founder & Chief Inspirer of the C.A.R.E. Effect Movement

A stage 3+ cancer survivor, patient-centered care advocate, and corporate customer service expert, Lee Tomlinson is a nationally known thought leader and TEDTalk presenter on compassionate care. Combining his unique constellation of life experiences for the benefit of healthcare organizations, Lee is dedicated to bringing compassionate care back to its rightful place at the forefront of modern medicine. Professionally, Lee is a former C-Suite executive who owned a legendary Hollywood studio, built another, raised tens of millions of dollars for a national charity, produced a decade of award-winning network Television Specials for CBS and the American Film Institute, and toured the world as a professional athlete. After a lifetime of extraordinary experiences as a highly successful entrepreneur and life-long customer service consultant, Lee recently battled Stage 3+ throat cancer. His excruciating fight, and encounters with compassion-less care, drove him into a severe depression and serious thoughts of suicide. Fortunately, a deeply kind, caring and compassionate physician renewed Lee’s will to live and inspired him to create “The C.A.R.E. Effect Movement.” Now a man on a mission, Lee has discovered his true life’s purpose: to inspire, motivate and challenge medical professionals to provide nothing less than their most compassionate care to benefit their patients, colleagues, hospitals and most importantly – themselves. Through passionate storytelling, evidenced-based research and practical tools, Lee helps healthcare organizations create the culture and practices necessary to provide exceptional patient care, improve patient satisfaction, enhance employee engagement and increase profitability. Lee now travels globally spreading his message of the life-saving power of compassion to help heal patients and all-too-often suffering medical professionals, while enhancing the bottom line of the healthcare organizations in which their lives intersect.