over the shoulder of a speaker in an auditorium

Speaker Policy

Presentation Selection:

All presentation proposals received on or before date December 1, 2018, will be determined on appropriateness and interest of topic, level of content, comprehensiveness of session objectives and expertise of presenter. NAHU reserves the right to make recommendations for revisions of content within proposals prior to acceptance. Participation as a presenter is by formal invitation from our national office located at 1212 New York Ave, NW, Washington, D.C. 20005 only, after review of the proposal.


Traditionally, speakers are provided a one-day registration pass, hotel room and transportation/travel expense. Requested honoraria are not guaranteed and will be confirmed directly by NAHU’s national office executive personnel, who will work with speakers to finalize contract agreements. NAHU policy: flight travel – coach fair only, hotel room - must be booked within the NAHU “block” of rooms reserved for the event (speaker only) are reimbursed only if provided with original scanned (pdf) or mailed hard copy of purchase receipts and standard reimbursement form within 30 days following the event. All presenters must register & check in for the NAHU Convention. Presentation Materials: All presenters are required to submit their final presentation to NAHU 60 business days prior to the conference for review. NAHU reserves the right to distribute presentation slides to attendees (if applicable).

NAHU’s Non-Commercial Policy:

Participants in NAHU programs are seeking valuable educational content and are always critical of presenters or sessions that are self-promotional. NAHU policy remains that presenters may not use a conference session for sales pitches, self-promotion or unwarranted criticism of a competitor. Speakers are not permitted to distribute company promotional literature, brochures or sales materials in any form to attendees during their session. Templates for your presentation with the NAHU brand will be provided by our office.


  • Pre- and post-event promotion to NAHU members, potential attendees and registered attendees – social media outlets and NAHU websites and partner distribution channels.
  • Promotion via emails, event marketing brochures, press releases and on-site program information
  • Access to NAHU members and exhibitors
  • Contribution to further the education of the Employee Benefits industry