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Professional Development Breakout Session Schedule


Don't be a Square – Think Outside of the Box – Vanguard Partnership

Brokers Can Make a Real Difference and Get Paid More to Do It – LPRT Partnership

What About You: Professional and Personal Development

Creative Plan Design Options

Medicare Extreme

9:45-10:45 a.m.

Help Wanted: How to Design and Build a Sustainable Internship Program for Agency Growth – Presented by Megan Chiarello

Ultimate Wellness Smackdown! – Presented by Al Lewis

Best Practices in Employee Education on Pain Management – Presented by Cristy Gupton

Health Care Affordability Solutions – Real Cost Cutting Today! – Presented by Daniel R. Meylan, Bill Ashley,  Dr. Josh Umbher, Sean Kelley, David Berman, & Gregory Everett

Legislative Update and Take Action Part 1 – Presented by Henry Vazquez

11 a.m.-12 p.m.

Strategic Philanthropy: Move over CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), the New Trend is Shared Social Responsibility! – Presented by Dan Rashke

Identifying and Incentivizing Value-Based Care: Finding, Charging, Getting Paid, Plan Design, etc. – Presented by Mark Davenport, Jeff Bernhard & David Contorno

Come Ready to Deliver: Extemporaneous Speaking – Presented by Karen Kirkpatrick

Looking For EBITDA? Aiming to Consult? Try Ancillary Optimization! – Presented by Kevin Curran & Matt Masone

PACE: Understandign an Innovative Model for Older Americans  – Presented by Robert Greenwood

1:30-2:30 p.m.

Data and Quality Driven Reference Based Pricing: Objective, Transparent, Defensible – Presented by Jon Jablon & Heath Potter

Importing Drugs/Exporting Patients: Finding the Right PBM.  Integrating the Right Solutions into the Plan Design – Presented by David Contorno, Marc Grossman & Bill Hepscher

The Cross Sale: Organic Growth Just Across the Hall – Presented by Billy Bridwell

Why a Plan for Extended Care is a Critical Component in a Retirement Portfolio – Presented by Harley Gordon

Situational Social Security: What Advisors Must Know – Presented by Marc Kiner

2:45-3:45 p.m.

Running Your Business – Presented by Jessica Waltman

How to Deliver Value-Based Care – Presented by David Contorno, Billy Bridwell, Al Lewis, Mark Davenport, Carl Schuessler, Marc Grossman & Bill Hepscher

Preparing for Life After Your Deal – Presented by Jim King

What it Means to be a Group Health Plan Fiduciary – Presented by Cynthia Smith

Legislative Update and Take Action Part II – Presented by Anthony Bahr & Jack Schroeber

4-5 p.m.

Changing the Primary Care Delivery Model: Innovative Strategies Using Onsite Practitioners to Save Lives –  Presented by Christopher Yarn

Performance-Based Broker Compensation: The Contracts, Commitments and Compensation – Presented by David Contorno & Carl Schuessler

Burst the Leadership Bubble – Presented by Dr. Karen Keller

Workplace Wellness Incentive Laws: New Cases, ACA, ADA and GINA – Presented by Barbara Zabawa

"Now That You've LEARNED, It's Time to EARN: 5-Step Marketing Makeover – Presented by Gary Owen