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Legislative Issues

Federal Action Center

Below is a list of key pieces of federal legislation NAHU is actively following. Please click on each bill to learn more. Note that the bills outlined below are just a few of the bills NAHU is actively involved with.

Employer Exclusion of Health Insurance

There are ongoing discussions about the future of the employer exclusion of health insurance. NAHU opposes any efforts that would eliminate or tax the employer-tax exclusion for health insurance.

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Medical Loss Ratio (MLR)

Legislation to remove the agent/broker compensation from the Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) Requirement in the individual and small group markets.

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Cadillac/Excise Tax Repeal

Legislation to repeal the "Cadillac Tax" on middle class Americans' health plans.

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Streamline Employer Reporting Requirements

Legislation to streamline the employer reporting process and strengthen the eligibility verification process for the health care premium tax credit and cost-sharing subsidy.

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Stop the Health Insurance Tax (HIT)

Legislation to repeal the annual fee on health insurance providers enacted by the PPACA.

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Small Business Tax Credit (SBTC)

Legislation to expand and modify the small business tax credit to purchase marketplace health insurance coverage.

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30/40 Hours

Legislation to repeal the 30-hour threshold for full-time employee for purposes of the employer mandate in the PPACA and replace it with 40 hours.

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Small Group Expansion

Legislation to provide states with flexibility in determining the size of employers in the small group market.

This legislation was signed into law by President Obama on October 7, 2015. The bill was passed by the House on September 28 and by the Senate on October 1.

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State Action Center

As a member, you can use this site to get engaged with legislation in your home state. When working on grassroots in your state, remember that NAHU is most effective when our members speak with one voice.