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We are pleased to announce NAHU's new online training program designed to provide you the training that is required for Medicare Advantage in a new and better format. This initiative is particularly important in light of the intense requirements brokers and agents face annually with certification for Medicare Advantage. This training is streamlined while upholding the increasingly stringent requirements.

The course design provides rigorous training on the rules so that you will be able to achieve a certification that you can provide to all Medicare Advantage and Part D plan sponsors with which you contract. The training meets all CMS requirements and would complement each plan sponsor’s plan-specific training for brokers and agents. After taking the final course exam, continuing education credits will be awarded and a certificate of completion provided or evidence of completion of the course can be transferred to your Medicare Advantage carrier.

This curriculum will cover:

  • All CMS requirements for Medicare Certification
  • Most Common Compliance Issues Facing Plan Sponsors and Agents
  • Changes in CMS Guidelines
  • Trends in the Marketplace
  • Fraud, Waste & Abuse
  • Medicare Supplement

The cost of the NAHU’s Medicare, Medicare Advantage and Compliance Requirements certification training is $100, the course is an affordable option with no hidden fees and no additional cost for CE credits (refund policy), which includes an online presentation in three modules, a final exam and continuing education credits (status by state and rules).

The number of plan sponsors accepting NAHU’s Medicare, Medicare Advantage and Compliance Requirements certification training continues to increase daily. It is important to contact our office prior to enrollment and ensure your plan sponsors are participating in PY 2021. Student services staff are responding during normal business hours 9 a.m.-5:30 p.m. ET and can be contacted at


User Guide

Click here to access the NAHU Medicare Advantage Certification Training User Guide. The user guide outlines how to create an account, purchase and access the training, and take the final exam in the Online Learning Institute.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to read our FAQs on the NAHU Medicare Advantage Certification Training. 


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