NAHU’s Agency Membership—an easy and effective way for your agency to manage individual NAHU memberships and maximize the benefits for your agency through one centralized point.

NAHU’s Agency Membership is available to agencies who enroll 75% of eligible agency members (EAM)—defined as producers in your agency who sell employee benefits, individual health insurance, Medicare or other health related products, as well as account managers and compliance professionals who are on staff and work with clients.  It would not include a person whose job was strictly life insurance or someone who was strictly P&C.

Agency Member Benefits

  • Saves over individual membership rates under the agency membership list billing umbrella
  • Streamlined billing process— one invoice, one renewal date, one payment
  • Company ownership of the membership slotsif a person on the membership billing leaves your employment, you select the new member replacement
  • Discounts on NAHU’s most valuable offerings—including professional development credits and discounted meetings
  • Unlimited access to members-only information on NAHU website
  • Full access to the NAHU Compliance Corner for members on list bill, including monthly webinars

Think your agency is eligible for an Agency Membership? Click here to see the associated benefits.

Enroll in NAHU's Agency Membership......In 4 Easy Steps

  1. Complete the NAHU agency membership eligibility form, including agency information, number of eligible agency members (to verify eligibility) and agency contact information. The agency contact does not have to be a member. This person will have authority to make individual membership updates for your agency, facilitate payments and maintain your agency’s memberships and associated discounts and benefits.

  2. Fill out the agency membership spreadsheet (or submit your own spreadsheet) listing all current NAHU members from your agency as well as new eligible members. Please include all pertinent information—names, title/position, office location, email and phone number and any designations, certifications or practice areas. Completed forms will help expedite how quickly your enrollment is processed.

  3. Once your enrollment has been verified and accepted, you will receive your consolidated invoice. In the first year, we will prorate the dues for any current members to sync everyone onto your agency membership.  Submit all materials online, by email to or by mail to NAHU, 999 E Street NW, Suite 400, Washington, D.C., 20004.

  4. Once your invoice is paid, you can begin taking advantage of our Agency Membership benefits immediately! Each EAM you enrolled will receive a welcome email with their NAHU log-in information and a description of all their benefits. The agency contact will receive a special log-in for NAHU’s agency membership account to manage your agency’s expanded benefits, including the online ethics course, professional development training dollars and national meeting registration discounts for your agency. You may update your agency membership anytime through the agency membership online account access.

Still have some questions? Not a problem, Check out our Agency Membership frequently asked questions. 


What is the difference between Agency Membership and Corporate Membership?  This chart will explain it all.

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