Trump Administration to No Longer Defend the ACA’s Individual Mandate

June 15, 2018  |  By: NAHU


The announcement late last week by the Justice Department that they would no longer defend the ACA’s individual mandate or consumer protection provisions sent shockwaves throughout the healthcare industry and may have major implications for the law’s future. While Democratic-led states have stepped up to defend the law in the Trump Administration’s absence, the future of the ACA is once again uncertain. A ruling by the courts to strike down the mandate, on the basis that with the penalties zeroed-out that it no longer functions as a tax, could threaten the very foundation that the law is built upon. NAHU’s Vice President of Government Affairs Marcy M. Buckner and Vice President of Congressional Affairs John Greene join the podcast this week to break down the details of this announcement and what the legalese means for you and your clients.

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