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Special Guest on NAHU’s Role in Shaping Prescription Drug Package

October 25, 2019  |  By: NAHU


After passing out of each of the three committees of jurisdiction, including this week in the Ways and Means committee, the House Democrats prescription drug plan is nearing its final stages. A floor vote is expected by mid-November, and this week the Healthcare Happy Hour takes a deep dive at how the bill has changed in recent weeks and how it could affect your client’s coverage and costs. NAHU prescription drug task force chair Greg Stancil joins NAHU’s Marcy M. Buckner to review these key provisions, along with its Senate counterpart, and how they could be combined into a single bipartisan, bicameral package later this year to dramatically reform the nation’s prescription drug market. Greg and Marcy specifically look at how these plans could affect employer-based coverage and self-insured plans, and what agents and brokers should be telling their clients as these bills move through the legislative process.

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