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Returning to Iron Out the Differences

September 13, 2019  |  By: NAHU


Surprise billing and prescription drug reform are the hot topics as lawmakers returned this week from their August recess. Congress is currently considering legislation to address both of these issues with packages expected to be voted on this fall. On this week’s episode, NAHU’s Chris Hartmann and Marcy M. Buckner join us to discuss some of the biggest challenges facing these issues and what NAHU is doing to influence this process with lawmakers. They preview the upcoming hearings on these issues and the expected legislation to be introduced in the coming weeks and how policymakers plan to work out their differences in order to get legislation enacted to be able to campaign on victories for the 2020 elections. Marcy and Chris also look at how NAHU’s coalition partnerships are such critical tools for advancing our message, on these and other issues.

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