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New Legislation for the New Congress

January 25, 2019  |  By: NAHU


Lawmakers will be returning to the drawing board the next three weeks to avoid another government shutdown, after a temporary deal was tentatively reached today. As lawmakers negotiate a path forward, NAHU has been actively working with Congress to advance our federal legislative priorities once lawmakers move onto considering other issues. This week, bipartisan legislation was introduced to fully repeal the Cadillac Tax, joining bipartisan legislation introduced to delay or fully repeal the health insurance premium tax. On this week’s episode, NAHU’s Chris Hartmann and John Greene review these new legislative efforts and their chances for passage in the newly divided Congress while both of the taxes remain suspended this year. John and Chris also discuss the progress of forthcoming legislation addressing two of our issues in Medicare—treating COBRA as creditable coverage and the three-day hospital stay requirement. And as the debate continues over single-payer, we look at our efforts to combat proposals with the Partnership for America’s Health Care Future.

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