NAHU Wins another Battle in the War for Cadillac Tax and HIT Repeal

January 26, 2018  |  By: NAHU
Cadillac Tax  |  HIT


On this week’s installment of the Washington Update Podcast, NAHU’s Vice President of Government Affairs Marcy M. Buckner and Vice President of Congressional Affairs Chris Hartmann walk us through the legislation enacted this week to delay several ACA taxes. NAHU secured a victory in the legislation that delays the Cadillac/Excise Tax through 2022 and a suspension of the Health Insurance Tax in 2019, along with the two-year delay of the medical device tax. Marcy and Chris walk us through how NAHU was able to get the support of lawmakers for this to happen and what we are doing to push for the permanent repeal legislation, currently pending in both chambers.

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