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Democrats Delay Drug Reform

November 8, 2019  |  By: NAHU


House Democrats indicated this week that they plan on delaying a vote on their comprehensive prescription drug plan until at least December. Meanwhile, President Trump has tentatively offered support for the Senate Republican’s plan to implement Part D inflation caps, which have historically been opposed by Republicans for the potential to lead to government price controls on healthcare. This week, NAHU’s Marcy M. Buckner, Chris Hartmann and John Greene join us to look at these dynamics as the administration and leadership in Congress work to bring a bipartisan, bicameral prescription drug package to the floor. The episode also reviews how NAHU and the Trump administration have been working on the ongoing implementation of the individual coverage health reimbursement arrangements, and how the latest waiver proposal in Georgia could push all individual coverage enrollments directly to insurers and brokers, bypassing any official marketplace.

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