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Challenging Six Misconceptions Employers Have About State-based Individual Mandate Reporting Requirements

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Thursday, September 10, 2020
1:00PM – 2:00PM




The 2020 ACA and health reform reporting season will be like no other we’ve seen, and adding to that complexity for employers, is the growing number of state-based obligations for reporting on individual healthcare coverage: California and Rhode Island joined Massachusetts, New Jersey and Washington DC in enacting individual coverage mandates; while several others are considering mandates of their own. 
Health e(fx) works with HR teams that want to do what's right for their employees, but get tied up trying to keep federal and state obligations straight. It's understandable. Your clients need your help managing these complexities. State rules often closely mirror the old federal mandate, but each state has put its own unique stamp on several aspects of its mandate legislation, and if your clients are not aware of the change, the penalties can add up quickly. 
In this webinar on Thursday, September 10, at 1:00 p.m. Eastern, we’ll talk about the most common misconceptions under which we see employers operating regarding state-based reporting – mistaken beliefs that could put them at risk of incurring financial penalties for noncompliance and/or violating privacy laws, including:

  • The reporting requirements don’t apply to us because our company has no locations in states with individual mandates.
  • We’re a government entity, so we don’t have to comply.
  • We’ll simply send the state(s) our federal ACA forms and be done with it.

Presented by Todd Hurst, director of client services and Kerri Smith, director of product management at the nation’s largest ACA compliance software solutions provider, this webinar will not only prepare you to clear up your clients’ misconceptions, it will also offer guidelines for best practices in state level employer reporting.