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2021 Leadership Forum

Date | Time

Thursday, February 18, 2021
3:00PM – 5:00PM




2021 Leadership Forum

A look at the future of chapter leadership development and the structure being created to support and develop strong leaders. Don't miss this opportunity to find out how this program will impact your future as a leader.

All current and future chapter leaders are encouraged to attend.

Preliminary Agenda as of February 1.

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Resiliency Roundtable Speakers

Francisco Oller Garcia
Often referred to as the insurance industry sweetheart, Francisco has built a swift reputation in professional circles for embracing the vulnerability and unspoken power of personal imperfections.  Francisco inspires others to develop a similar growth mindset; often using examples of his own disability to prove that life has limitless potential even with physical limitations.  

Watch a brief video of what resiliency means to Francisco here.

Ivan Hall
As a leader and innovator in his field, Ivan has continuously cultivated his skills while developing a deep appreciation for complex strategy and was a key founding member of award-winning start-up, OpioidWatch.  On a personal note, Ivan is an advocate for the African American and LGBTQ communities, blending the two from first-hand experience and an intimate understanding of the challenges that exist for both demographics in the US today. 

Watch a brief video of what resiliency means to Ivan here.

Cassandra Van Dyke
Cassie is the Regional Director of Sales at Interlink; a company dedicated to identifying Centers of Excellence for Cancer Care and Organ Transplants.  Having grown up in the industry as a member-centric advocate for those most in need, Cassie recently faced with the same reality for herself.  At just 29 years old and after seven years of misdiagnoses, she was diagnosed with a lung cancer that required her to walk the very path she’d helped so many others journey through before.

Watch a brief video of what resiliency means to Cassie here.

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