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Explore everything BenefitsPRO Virtual Broker Expo has to offer from the comfort of your home or office!  

Each year, the nation’s top brokers make BenefitsPRO Broker Expo their preferred destination to cultivate important relationships and obtain the most practical industry education for positioning their business for sustainable growth and 2020 will be no exception!

The BenefitsPRO Virtual Broker Expo 2020 although in a fully digital environment, will continue to raise new issues, embrace new challenges and find new solutions. We’ve gathered leading industry practitioners and experts to create a robust virtual conference, designed to continue to provide you with the tools and resources you can implement immediately to increase your bottom line! Our goal continues to be to educate, motivate and innovate you and give you the tools, strategies and information you need to thrive both now and in the near future. We’re confident that the agenda we have on tap for this year’s Expo will do just that!

Attendees will experience an easy-to-use, browser-based platform that allows you to easily and securely attend more than 12 hours of content, both live and on-demand for a full month, as well as video chat with fellow attendees, exhibitors, sponsors and speakers. 

Now is your opportunity to better position yourself in this business environment & create a strategic plan for the future.

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NAHU Workshop - Single-Payer Healthcare Certification

Thursday, August 6, 2020, 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM ET

Presenter by Reid Rasmussen, Co-Founder and CEO of freshbenies

Filed in 50 states for 3 continuing education credits

Single-payer healthcare, also known as "Medicare for all," is the most controversial health insurance debate in our country. For this reason, NAHU has created this three- hour certification course to educate health insurance professionals on the benefit structure under the single-payer proposal.
This course provides in-depth instruction on the importance of the overall functioning of healthcare delivery and financing in our country. The curriculum will include what single- payer is, the forms it can take and how it has been implemented around the world.

The course will also explore some of the proposals and variations that Congress is considering and discuss the implications on healthcare coverage in the United States. The NAHU Single-payer Certification course for chapter classroom study:

  • Characteristics of single-payer healthcare plans
  • Types of healthcare delivery and payment systems
  • Pros & cons of multi-payer healthcare systems
  • Benefit structure under single payer systems
  • Provider payment methods - fee-for-services
  • Prescription drug payments
  • Cost containment
  • Single payer healthcare systems around the world
  • Why the United States is different
  • Why the United States costs are higher
  • United States politics in single-payer legislation
  • Consequences of public option plans, Medicare buy-in and Medicaid buy-in plans

Keynote Speaker

Also at the BenefitsPRO Virtual Broker Expo, on August 19, NAHU CEO Janet Trautwein will deliver the morning keynote, The Politics and Policy of Healthcare. She will provide an update on what’s going on inside the Beltway and what to expect in 2020 and the coming years. For the latest on everything from Medicare for All to changes in the Cadillac Tax and regulations on every aspect of healthcare delivery and healthcare financing, you won’t want to miss this important update on issues that affect you and your clients.