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Vision Speak

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Sunday, June 30, 1:30-3:30 p.m.

Dream Small & Change the World

Presented by Matt Irvine, Vice President of Sales, Eastern United States, HealthEquity, Inc.

We have the opportunity weekly, if not daily, to change the world one person, one family, one company at a time; and yet too often we don’t think we are important enough in our current role professionally, personally or financially. I learned 23 years ago that anyone can be a world changer if they dream small and reach out to those who are right in front of them. I will share stories to inspire benefit professionals to use their sphere of influence to Dream Small and Change the World; those stories include my own experience 23 years ago when I found myself homeless and penniless with no job or car in Eastern Kentucky – 2000 miles from where I graduated high school in Southern California, a story of dining with a homeless woman at a five star restaurant, and then the simple act of kindness at an open enrollment meeting that allowed a single mother to put food on her own plate. Audience members will leave inspired and propelled to use their current position to accept kindness- return it with heart of gratitude, cultivate deeper relationships, be aware of their own butterfly effect, and be the change they want to see if the world. 

Killer Words of Customer Service

Presented by Nancy Friedman, Keynote Speaker, Founder & President, Telephone Doctor

Learn how to destroy a relationship fast. We'll review marketing words that distract, confuse, annoy and can stop a conversation. When that happens, it can be tough to get back on track. 

My Brain Has a Hole In It

Presented by Gordon Viggiano, Inspirational Speaker, My Brain LLC

Insurance agents face an uphill battle when presenting Disability Insurance coverage to their clients. I know! I was one of those clients! Nothing bad was going to happen to me so why would I pay for coverage I would NEVER need? When I survived a massive stroke on my 51st birthday, having disability coverage made my ongoing recovery possible. 

Our insurance agent changed our lives and now we compel other agents to do the same for their clients.  In my presentation, “My Brain Has A Hole In It,” I talk about our life-changing experience, the life-lessons gained from our struggle, and the awesome responsibility agents carry to educate and take care of their clients.


Presented by Roxanne Kaufman Elliott, President and CEO, ProLaureate Ltd.

The story of a man with none of the 'trappings' of what many think of as 'leadership', and yet, he was the greatest leader I (and many others) have ever known. The life he led was the legacy he left - one of values, integrity, compassion, grace, grit... and so much more. The audience will walk away empowered and motivated to become the leader they are meant to be and inspire, ignite and impact the leadership of others, their teams and organizations.

How to Motivate Stressed People

Presented by Andy Core, Thrive Under Stress Author/Speaker

Motivating others is both art and science - until stress hits. Then, it gets really emotional. Whether you need to lead, inspire, or sell, the ideas in this program will prepare you with evidence-based, tested-in-the-trenches ideas that inspire others.

How the Digital Transformation Impacts the Insurance Industry

Presented by Eric Rentsch, Vice President of Product Development, Zywave

In today’s highly connected world, both the way in which people make buying decisions and how effective agencies sell to them is rapidly evolving. Learn how the digital transformation has changed your clients’ buying behaviors and expectations and how that translates to your business. From leveraging data through digital insights to utilizing tech tools to add value and automate workflow, this session will arm you with the knowledge required to develop solutions that deliver business efficiencies that will help you grow your business in the evolving marketplace.

What’s Your Story? Leveraging a Unique Message to Rise Above Your Competition

Presented by Andrew Neary, Healthcare Strategist, The Olson Group

Growing your business requires you to increase sales. To increase sales, you must create new clients.

Seems easy, right? Not so fast. The “noise” within the benefits advising industry is at an all-time high. Rising above your competition is more difficult than it’s ever been. As a benefits adviser, selling is a bloody battle of cold calls, proposals, and RFPs. An immense amount of work goes into winning the honor of creating one new client. Is it gratifying? You bet. Can it be frustrating? Absolutely. But, that’s why you get paid the “big bucks”, right?

Well, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Would you like to improve the way your presentation connects with the audience?

Would you like to have a line of prospects waiting to connect with you after every talk?

If so, it’s time to up-level the performance of your presentation so you can crush your sales goals in less time and less effort!

Building a Client Base Through Value

Presented by David Meltzer, Co-Founder and CEO, Sports 1 Marketing

Understand the role that time and ego play in interfering with business success, and learn to get alignment with new potential clients by establishing an emotional connection and providing them unsurpassed value.