Annual Convention Speakers

Ralph Weber

Ralph Weber

President & CEO of MediBid

As the boss of a company with 50+ employees, you want your staff to be efficient and happy while increasing your profits. Employers are wasting billions of dollars on the wrong healthcare solutions. At the same time, employees can't bear the increasing burden of healthcare costs, the number one reason for private bankruptcies in the US.

As a leading expert in reference based pricing of individualized healthcare plans for US employers, I created as an online exchange which introduces not only transparency and competition to healthcare but also employs sophisticated AI solutions to guide patients and employers to their individual best and affordable doctor or treatment center in the US and abroad.

By creating out-of-the-box tailored healthcare plan solutions in combination with our unique reverse auctioning system, MediBid is able to reduce employer healthcare costs by 38% or more, resulting in significant profit increase.

The process is simple: The employee posts a medical request, then hospitals and physicians in the US and other countries respond with a competitive price, which includes quality and outcome data. Adding incentives, such as sharing in the savings, turns employees into healthcare consumers and aligns economic interests between the employees and the employer.

MediBid’s unique system has increased the profit of a telecom company in Washington with 265 employees by $1.4 million dollars, another one in the manufacturing sector with 285 employees has seen $1 million more in earnings.


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