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Emma Passé

Emma Passé

Chief Operating Officer of E Powered Benefits

Born and raised in the Southwest of England, Emma migrated to the United States soon after college. Emma was hired into her first position as an administrative assistant at a national insurance company in 2005, beginning her insurance career. Over the course of the next decade Emma moved swiftly from claims into sales and account management, leaving her mark at regional and national carriers until 2019 when she made a move to E Powered Benefits.

Emma has been an outspoken advocate for cost transparency using analytics, referenced based pricing, and a consultative approach with clients and colleagues alike. Emma travels around the country to speak on large group management and best practices, as well as successful leadership and business ethics in the insurance industry. Emma is known for her contribution to the consultant community in written musings; most recently being published in USA Today.

Emma currently resides in Portland, Oregon, staying busy with her two beautiful children. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, writing, and coaching others toward a healthier lifestyle.


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