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Business Management  New Perspectives

How to Win the Business Without Taking the BOR

Presented by John Sbrocco, Principal, Questige Consulting

Step one to closing new business – work on your poker face. Step two - make yourself an invaluable asset (with or without the BOR.). In this no holds barred session, former poker pro John W. Sbrocco is giving a lesson in the art of beating your competition without managing benefits.

Intrigued? Of course, you are.

Learn the key strategies and tactics on how to:

  • Make your opponent irrelevant by throwing the “rules” out the window and forcing the competition to compete on your terms
  • Shift from an insurance broker to a consultant/adviser role by leveraging successful examples from the financial services industry
  • Win business with this new model by pushing through the back door and getting paid to deliver outcomes
  • Build this new structure into your current business model with a contingency proposal

There Are No Rules, Only Limiting Beliefs

Presented by Craig Lack, Founder, Energi

If you are independent healthcare broker and you think that there is so much more you can accomplish, impact and influence, then attend this session and learn how to realize your potential.

What to Look Forward to When Buying or Selling Your Agency

Presented by Jim King, Owner & Wealth Manager, Balasa Dinverno Foltz LLC; Michael Deagle, Managing Partner, BenAxis Inc.; and Lily Lam; Principal/Regional Vice President of Growth, West, OneDigital

We’ll hear from two leading industry professionals who are actively acquiring agencies. Through their firsthand experiences, we’ll learn the pros and cons of selling and how deals may differ depending on the size of the acquiring agency. We’ll also explore the acquisition process as it related to buying an agency and what to look for to ensure a smooth deal. Panelists include Mike Deagle of BenAxis and OneDigital’s Lily Lam. Deagle is in acquisition mode. Not only has he incorporated other small agencies into his in recent years, but he’s looking for additional targets that make sense. In her role as principal/regional vice president of growth, Lam has interacted with thousands of agencies and has unique insights into how they are evolving to remain competitive today.

Maximizing Agency Revenue While Mitigating Employee Risk

Presented by Chris Wolpert, Founder, Group Benefits Solutions

Enhance open enrollment without increasing your workload. How do you zero in on what employees actually want from their benefit plan, empower them to select options based on their specific priorities and make the process so easy, they can complete the enrollment in a matter of minutes?

Staying Power: A New Perspective on Retaining Today's New Workforce

Presented by Cara Silletto, MBA, President & Chief Retention Officer, Crescendo Strategies

While some of today’s workforce is made up of deep-rooted, dependable staff, a larger number of positions are now a revolving door of employee turnover. Workforce thought leaders from Crescendo Strategies will share insight on why staffing is so challenging today and additional ways to gain greater staffing stability. Join us to learn how to slow the revolving door, more effectively manage the impending shorter-term workforce, and maximize the time you have with each employee.

Health Care Management  Future of Your Business

VBID: STD or Infectious Strategy?

Presented by Emma Passé, Chief Operating Officer, E Powered Benefits; Matthew White, Vice President of Employee Benefits, USI Insurance Services; and Rachel Miner, Founder and Owner, Thrive Benefits LLC

Matthew White plays an infected client – itchy and frustrated. We’ll need a drug to treat this condition so let’s review the formulary on a traditional health insurance plan… But wait… Isn’t there another option? Could we find the same brand name drug sourced for a fraction of the price? 

Emma Passé and Rachel Miner bring light hearted education to the stage as they talk through the solutions available when an employer creates their own value-based plan design. This infectious strategy covers the benefits and pitfalls of direct primary care, reference based pricing, transparent PBM’s, and direct contracting.  

Follow along as we cure the itchy discomfort of traditional consulting.

30 Tips in 30 Minutes

Presented by Jennifer Berman, Chief Executive Officer, MZQ Consulting, LLC

This session will be a whirlwind tour of the major compliance issues impacting health and welfare benefit plans.

Fasten your seatbelts. By the end of this 30-minute session you should be familiar with the major legal pitfalls clients and advisors can face in implementing a plan and (more importantly) how to avoid them!

Cannabis Policy and Legality 

Presented by Regina Trainor, Attorney, Nelson Hardiman; Mark Bolton, Sr. Director U.S. Public Policy & Public Affairs, Greenwich Biosciences

How employer substance abuse policies have been impacted by recent state laws legalize medical and recreational use of cannabis – is zero tolerance still a viable option?

A ShiftShapers Discussion: Scaling Solutions for Small Employers

Presented by David Saltzman, Director of Marketing & Business Development, Borislow Insurance; and Josh Butler, President, Butler Benefits & Consulting

David and Josh will open this session with a brief overview of the ShiftShapers podcast. They will revisit key items from the existing "Overcoming Small Market Challenges with Today's Plans with Josh Butler" podcast and expand on them and add a few new topics to cover. In the remaining 10 minutes, David and Josh will look to the audience for questions and input.

The Future of Surgery

Presented by Bill Hennessey, M.D., CEO and Founder, Pratter; Robert Page, CEO and Founder at PulseProtocol and MedRepublic; Ralph Weber, President & CEO, MediBid; and Dr. Josh Luke, CEO, Health-Wealth Partners Consulting

This description is on its way!

Medicare Compliance – Take the Helm

Generic vs. Brand-Name Drugs

Presented by Susan Luskin, President, Diversified Administration, Inc.

This session analyzes the differences between generic drugs and brand name drugs. You will learn about the process of patenting a medication, and the differences between chemically derived medications and biologics. Finally, we discuss pricing of the various levels of medications, formularies, and current legislation aimed at helping the patient be a better consumer.

Medicare Odyssey

Presented by Gary Owen, President, Owen Insurance Group

This session covers the past, present, and future of Medicare. It then takes a dive into the long-term effects of MACRA and the Medicare beneficiary transformation.

Medicare Enrollments and What You Should Know?

Presented by Yolanda York, Social Security & Medicare Consultant

Yolanda will explain the difference between Initial Enrollment Period and Special Enrollment Period to avoid penalties. Learn where to find the new Medicare card number online for clients. She will review the Max Medicare Surcharge penalties and how to avoid them, Part A premiums with less than 30 credits, rules for higher-income beneficiaries and eligibility for life changing events to reduce the cost. Walk away understanding how Medicare premiums are paid by the client and the most important tips you can give your clients about Medicare and Social Security by the expert who has spent the last 40 years with Social Security. You will not want to miss her sharing the nuances of Medicare.

What YOU Need to Know about the Medicare Marketplace in 2020

Presented by Craig Taylor, CLTC, DIA, CLF, Associate Director of Medical Solutions, Senior Market Sales, Inc.

The presentation covers what is changing in the Medicare supplement market in 2020, along with the changes in MA plans due to the Hit tax not being charged this last year and how Carriers used those new found funds for plan benefit and county expansion.  Combine those two events and it gives a great look at the marketplace, how its changed over the last year, and how it will change again in 2020.

The Changes in Medicare that No One is Talking About, but Should Be!

Presented by Shon Bowles, Senior Sales Director, Jack Schroeder and Associates, Inc.

If you are a Medicare agent and want to effectively discuss with Medical groups and IPA providers, the advantages of enrolling a member into a Medicare Care Advantage plan, the rewards vs. allowing them to stay on original Medicare, then attend this session.

Medicare Plan Design – Maximizing Solutions

Medicare Technology Solutions - A View from Thought Leaders in the Industry (Part 1)

Presented by Dwane McFerrin, Vice President, Medicare Solutions, Senior Market Sales, Inc.

In part 1, Dwane will cover consumer-facing technology solutions. Learn all about emerging technology for consumers to access their health information, what’s covered and pricing tools. He will explore mobile applications that can help answer questions about Medicare. Additionally, this presentation will identify telemed and other alternative primary care methods being employed in the industry. Lastly, learn how hyperlinks and personalized URLs and minisites are allowing seniors to self-enroll in plans.

Medicare Technology Solutions - A View from Thought Leaders in the Industry (Part 2)

Presented by Craig Ritter, President and Owner, Ritter Insurance Marketing

In part 2, Craig will cover agent-facing technology solutions. The presentation will discuss various quoting and enrollment solutions that are available. Furthermore, Craig will go over enrollment methods now available to brokers, innovations on drug look-up methodology, and how APIs can enhance a sales platform.

Learn How Group Medicare Sales Can Increase Your Business

Presented by Jason McClellan, CEO, Insurance Advisors Direct

An overview of the Medicare landscape, new techniques for better marketing, and using Group Medicare products to attract more clients. We take a deeper dive into the untapped potential of the Group Retiree space and the need for being educated on these plans. Through the use of these plans we highlight a better way to market and generate referrals, sell more medicare plans to a broader audience, along with better plans and coverage for senior at lower prices with better rate stability.

Social Security — Understanding the Importance of Social Security Claiming Decisions

Presented by Brian Doherty, President, Filtech

This isn’t your usual boring Social Security presentation. In his presentation Mr. Doherty will explain why Social Security will be around for another 100 years even if our government doesn’t do anything to fix it. You will learn the four things everybody should know before claiming their benefits, why your Social Security statements are wrong and why the benefits you actually receive will be substantially larger than the benefit amounts on your statement. Mr. Doherty will explain why you are probably going to live longer than you think, why Social Security is a bigger issue for women, how to maximize the size of the Survivor Benefit and the critically important role it will play in the lives of most married women. He will close his presentation by showing you an incredible claiming strategy that is still available to 1-2 million people but they don’t know it and why you need to tell them about it. Mr. Doherty will also give every attendee a free signed copy of his multiple award winning book on Social Security, “Getting Paid to Wait.” Don’t miss this incredibly informative presentation and don’t forget to get free copy of his book.

Voluntary Benefits and Medicare: Strange Bedfellows or Missed Opportunity?

Presented by Jessica Waltman, Principal, Forward Health Consulting; Dawn McFarland, Founder, M & M Benefit Solutions Insurance Services; Taylor Vidor, President, Vidor & Associates, Inc.; and Latrica Schooley, Customer Empowerment Officer, Activate Benefits Group

To be the best asset to your clients it is important to have a basic understanding of what options are available to fill gaps beyond the normal original Medicare, supplements and advantage plans. This session will leave you with tools and knowledge of best practices within the lines of compliance.